Our in-house Automotive Library
houses over 300 linear feet of automotive repair manuals.
Our Alldata Computerized Database contains over 10 million pages of automotive repair information.
"...In a nutshell, they are highly respected
technicians that could
work almost anywhere.
They chose Giammalvo's because they want to 
work in a place where customers 
come first..." 
"The more your technician 
understands about your car's 
problem, the more effective he will 
be at making it safe and reliable 
for your daily commute..."
All automotive service facilities
are not created equal.

How do you tell? 

For most people, the answer is simple. You want the best service available, top notch, experienced technicians, leading edge technology, and the specialists who know how to use it. 

At Giammalvo's we offer the best of both worlds: the service and expertise of a large automotive facility - the personal attention to details of a smaller one. 

Welcome to a different kind of automotive service. As you look through this Web Page you'll understand what we mean by "different." 

  1. It's our commitment to focus on what we do best, providing exemplary automotive service. 
  2. It's the quality of our technical staff - because we expect each member to be the very best at what they do.
  3. It's the attitude of caring that's expressed by everyone who works here, from the most highly skilled technician to the staff members that bring you home.
Welcome to a better kind of service.

Your technician should know about that recent recall on your car or that funny sound from under the hood. He should know whether or not the problem with your car is addressed in a technical service bulletin from the manufacturer. The more your technician understands about your car's problem, the more effective he will be at making it safe and reliable for your daily commute. 

When a customer and a technician form a partnership, small problems can be addressed before they become larger ones.  Building this relationship depends not just on good communication from customers but on our ability as a service provider to listen to them and learn. The staff at Giammalvo's respects your intelligence. They help you make informed decisions. They offer you flexibility in scheduling and they give you timely feedback. 

In a nutshell, they are highly respected technicians that could work almost anywhere. They chose Giammalvo's because they want to work in a place where customers come first. They want to work in a place where they can take the time necessary to perform quality repairs as opposed to "flat-rate" shops that limit the technicians time on each job and force him to work very fast to "beat" the average time, leaving out necessary parts and skipping steps in the service procedure in the quest to save time. 

We have an extraordinary range of highly qualified specialists from our anti-lock brake technicians to our body control computer technicians. We are also part of a team of local automotive experts. If your vehicle comes in with symptoms of an engine misfire and the diagnosis points toward a transmission problem, we don't have to jump through hoops or play phone tag trying to get a transmission shop to look at it. We simply call one of our colleagues who specializes in that area and ask: "Can you test drive it today?" And they will. 
Plenty of automotive service facilities are getting bigger. Giammalvo's is getting better. We stay focused on what we do best. There's more we'd like you to know about Giammalvo's. We'd like to tell you about our expertise in datastream analysis and sensor waveform analysis, unfortunately, it won't all fit on our web site. So the next time your car lets you down or makes that annoying little noise, give us a call, or stop in anytime for a personal tour. Let us introduce you to a different kind of service. 

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A better kind of service.